Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trompe- l'oeil (tattoos!)

okay... you may or may not be a tattoo fan, but you must admit the artistry of these tattoos! I've never seen anything like these before:

The bracelet tat's are temporary tattoos by Chanel for their 2010 spring line... pretty cool. Here's a link to purchase some for yourself:'OEIL-DE-CHANEL-89753

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I (Heart) this Blog...

so many blogs-so little time. 
some i visit when i need a laugh. 
some i visit to learn. 
and some i visit for inspiration. 
here's one that fits all of the above:  aimee- the author- is a masterful doodler.  her art is freeing. spontaneous. fun. makes you want to dust off your sketch book and pens. her haiku's make me chuckle.what a delicious combination of words, type and art. pure fun.

and if you're in a "i want to make something really cool" sort of mood... check out what aimee says about making these wonderful tiles using alcohol inks. a beautiful explosion of color. wouldn't these be an inspiring addition to your creative space? be sure to stop by her blog and add "artysville"  to your favorite blog list, too!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some of my Favorite Artist Creations on

Here's a very clever artist who breathes new life into old castaway items. Old suitcase turned bathroom vanity cabinet.... who'd a thunk! You can find her store here:

Now this is a belt! Not just your everyday belt- but a work of art...."there is one long, continuous hand-carved leafless branch meandering across the length. A single red bird perches on the branch against a blue-green sky and is featured on the right hip of the wearer. The branch and bird have been cut and carved to raise them from the background."  Find the store here:

Having whole-heartedly embraced western style, I love the design of this "saddle bag". Two sisters from NYC are behind this design. You'll find their shop here:

Beautiful. Vintage. Minimalistic. 3 hanging pendant lights that would work in most any type of decor. Shop for cool handmade lighting here:

Dogs need fashion, too. This artist creates wonderful patterned neckwear for pooches. Let Sugarplum collars create a custom fashion accessory for your canine friend: