Saturday, April 10, 2010

I (Heart) this Blog...

so many blogs-so little time. 
some i visit when i need a laugh. 
some i visit to learn. 
and some i visit for inspiration. 
here's one that fits all of the above:  aimee- the author- is a masterful doodler.  her art is freeing. spontaneous. fun. makes you want to dust off your sketch book and pens. her haiku's make me chuckle.what a delicious combination of words, type and art. pure fun.

and if you're in a "i want to make something really cool" sort of mood... check out what aimee says about making these wonderful tiles using alcohol inks. a beautiful explosion of color. wouldn't these be an inspiring addition to your creative space? be sure to stop by her blog and add "artysville"  to your favorite blog list, too!


kim* said...

ok off to check that one out:)

aimee said...

you are a sweetheart!! thank you so much kathy! can't wait to prowl around your blog a bit - i'm loving that vintage suitcase turned vanity cabinet and those paperback petals!