Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My visit with an "Animal Communicator"

Yep... I went to see an "Animal Communicator".  Nope, not an animal psychic. (bet you didn't know there was a difference...but neither did I) An animal communicator doesn't look into the future or make predictions, they use telepathy to put words to the visual cues they pick up from our pets. (apparently we are all capable of doing this, but we have lost our telepathy talent as we grew up and became more logical thinking adults.)

So begins my adventure. This afternoon I brought my 2 great danes and 17 year old (non-believer) son to meet the animal communicator. We didn't all fit in the office space she was using so we made do with a park bench out front. No problem, she said, about moving to the new public location (apparently all the other dogs walking by wouldn't be "talking" to her at the same time- thus distracting her from the 2 big tasks at hand). 
Let's begin...
Blu at the lake

First up, Blu, our 3 year old great dane. First thing Blu "communicated" was that she didn't like wearing a winter coat. She felt silly wearing it and didn't like when we laughed at her. (okay, yes we may have laughed at her at first, but it wasn't the coat she was wearing, it was the booties! but I didn't bring that up...) apparently Blu is quite sensitive and doesn't like to be made fun of. Then Blu wanted to know why she couldn't have peanuts? (very, very strange question to us. our son has a peanut allergy and we never have peanuts in the house... weird.) Then she jumped to discussing the garden hose. Yes, she does get excited when the hose is turned on, but could we please stop spraying her with the water. (smile. yep, guilty as charged). Next she told the communicator that she thinks she's more popular than Zoe (our other great dane) but that Zoe didn't really care to be popular. Blu then said she wants to be the boss, the Alpha dog, but Zoe is. Then she began to describe her favorite toy that we don't play with anymore... a stick with a ball on the end. (yep, we have a dog toy that's sort of like that) we promised her we would find it and play with it again. The Animal Communicator looked at her watch and said Blu was just rambling on and on and could talk forever, but that it was our turn to ask her questions. We only had a 15 minute window! So we asked pretty boring stuff about her favorite things to eat and why she knocks all of her food out of the bowl with her nose.... Blu's answer, she wanted to see the different shapes and what she was eating and could we please feed her more wet food. Oh, and she likes chicken. How does she feel about the cats we asked. Blu's answer was that she thought they antagonized her and it wasn't her fault that she chased them. (mmm.... partial truth)  We asked if she liked riding in the boat? It's okay- she would rather be where we are than left home. And she doesn't like when it goes fast or if it's bumpy. (all true!) I asked if she liked going to the kennel. She answered yes. She thinks she's popular there, too. She told us that she's a favorite of a young guy that works there- but he gets in trouble because he isn't a hard worker. (big grin, yes, this made sense to us, too) And finally, we asked her if she liked skijoring (the dogs wear harnesses and ski in front of my husband) Blu said it was okay, she likes the running, but doesn't like the pulling. She thinks my husband could help more. (OMG! big laugh!)

Next up, Zoe, our 7 year old great dane. First thing Zoe said to our Animal Communicator was that she would like a treat and did she have any lunch meat? (yep, sounds like Zoe. She's not fat, but she always lets us know when its dinner time!) Then she asked if we could have popcorn tonight? (another one of her favorite treats) Then Zoe told us her neck hurt on the right side and could we please rub it for her. (mmm...we obliged and she seemed to be enjoying it) Then Zoe said she didn't like human company and could we please not have any more company over? (wow... that threw us! What dog doesn't like company? But as I think about it, Zoe does come over and say hello to our "human company" but then goes back to laying down or doing whatever she was doing before she was so rudely interrupted. She doesn't hang all over them like our other dog.) Then Zoe told us she likes to sleep. a lot in fact. And could we please get Blu to stop waking her up all the time. And... she wants Blu to stop taking her bed. (I wasn't sure which bed she considered hers... so I asked the "communicator" to find out for me) It's the soft one next to my side of the bed. (oh, I replied). Then she was back to food again. Could she try jelly? (sure, I guess. Where did that come from?) Oh, and no more dogs. Blu was enough. Then I asked if Zoe remembered Brutus (our male dane that died 3 years ago). Of course she did. "He taught me a lot of things. He didn't like me at first but he came around. And he liked tacos." (here we go again, back to food!) My last question for Zoe was why she always attacked the TV? (Zoe has always rushed the TV-barking like crazy- whenever an animal is on.... and don't get me started about the Aflac duck!!! geez!) Her reply was exactly as you would think.... "it's my house". 
Zoe, protecting us from TV intruders

So what do I think now that it's over? I really do think the Animal Communicator was picking up on something. It intrigued me. And yep, I'd go see her again. And my son? Well, he's still a non-believer. But it's not the first (or the last) time we haven't seen things quite the same way.... he'll come around.

So did I peek your interest? Our Animal Communicator says she can do the same thing over the phone!So if you don't live in the IL/WI area, give her a call. But be sure to report back:


Judy said...

Such a great story! You have two funny dogs and apparently they have a lot to say...the jelly cracks me up!

Mimi LaSelle said...

I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing, I was wondering how it went and excited to read about your experience. I may have to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story Kathy... Some day I'll share with you how I communicated with a mother cat to bring her kittens to me.
Kathy Engen

Katcando Jewelry said...

Kathy Engen... don't leave us hanging! Share your story :)

dosfishes said...

I saw you on Kim's Numinosity blog and had to comment. We have four shelter dogs all hounds and had a communicator talk to us too. It is pretty fascinating what gets revealed and she was pretty right on about some things that were happening in our house too. Now if we could only learn to pay attention we might hear them too!

NuminosityBeads said...

That is so fascinating! I have never been much of a pet person myself but I I feel like a voyeur reading this.
It's kind of hilarious, the spin on sleeping and eating and territory. Makes sense!
xoxo Kim

kompy said...

I like the part about Mau needing to work a bit harder :) Ha! I think I'm with Gage on this one, it may take me a bit to come your writing though. I was entertained all the way through!

Liz said...

Kathy, I am FINALLY getting to read this -- I saved it for my "fun things to read on the computer" time -- and here we are. I love it! Makes me smile. xoxo Liz (Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz)

Karen S said...
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Karen S said...

What a cool story -- I just found your blog. Love your dogs.

GardenDesigner said...

followed you here from Magnolia Pearl! I am here in wisconsin too! (Sussex)

you need to jump back into blogging!!! You are missed!!!