Monday, December 12, 2011

My Latest Obsession...Book Folding

Last year while shopping at one of my favorite antique/upcycle shops, I stumbled upon a book that left me with a lasting impression. Not because of the title, story or even the cover.... but for what was on the inside. As I picked it up and examined the simple, perfectly folded pages that ended in a single symmetrical point going cover to cover, my heart began to beat faster.... my mind raced... and I drove to the nearest resale book seller! Sure we had tons of hard backed books at home that I wasn't personally attached to (my husband's stash of course) so I would have to wait for the right moment to invade "that side" of the bookshelf... But in the mean time, I would have my own stash to play with. forward a few months later, a dozen or so vintage hardback books purchased and loads of book folding research-trial and error- accomplished. I learned a lot during that short time. Mainly, my love for vintage books doesn't always make them the best candidate for folding. Often times the older ones have fragile pages that crumble when manipulated. I also learned I could move the folded design, vertically, away from center, even just half and inch can make a pleasing visual change. I learned certain designs are not meant to be mindless exercises done while watching an episode of Modern Family! And lastly, I learned the entire book doesn't need to be folded. Sometimes I'll make the design only in the middle section of the book with plenty of loose pages to the left and right. I love it when there are no rules!

I've lovingly added my book sculptures into our home decor (mantels and of course bookshelves) as well as placed them in my art show jewelry displays intermingling with wooden crates and such. They're adaptable to all types of decorating styles... because they're books of course!

Below are two more photos of my book sculptures. Note that the bottom photo has a more rustic feel because it uses an older book with pages that are a bit tattered and brown. In order to make crisper designs (as shown in the hearts above) a newer book is required. So if you are inclined to try my latest obsession, too.... make sure you use discarded or no longer loved books, as to not harm the feelings of your fellow bibliophiles. Happy Folding!


NuminosityBeads said...

Wow, these are fabulous! What fun. I never thought about all of the patterns you can come up with.
xoxo Kim

Katcando Jewelry said...

Here is a great blog- with great ideas! I have my heart book listed there... take a peek:

JacBer said...

The books are very fab :-)