Sunday, August 9, 2009

Katcando is up and running on!

After being a frequent purchaser on, I thought it was time for me to actually add my own store front (along with the thousands and thousands of other jewelry artists) to the artist's haven "Etsy".

What could be easier I thought.... and so far, I was right! Set up was a breeze! I'm somewhat computer literate. I can take decent product shots and writing copy comes pretty naturally. So layout is done. Now I just need to let everyone know I'm open for business- right? So, how does one do that? Well, for starters- I sent out a mass e-mail to my somewhat current contact list of customers. I started this way-cool blog thing. And, I'm running an ad "of sort" on Etsy's search engine for jewelry. After that.... I'm not sure yet. But here is where you'll find my stuff:


Anonymous said...

Kat, I saw your store on Etsy! Beautiful jewelry and artistry. I will have to get you down to Florida for a show... I look forward to your katcando newsletter and where your art travels have taken you. Keep on bloggin' and creating your beautiful pieces of wearable art! All the best my friend, Julie

Anonymous said...

I saw your store on Etsy! Your work continues to amaze me. Always unique, always something new, and always beautiful! Truly wearable art.
My wish list continues to grow.