Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Geneva's Refined Rustic Studio and Gallery .... Oh what a store!

My husband and I were in Lake Geneva, Wi this past weekend when I discovered a store that made my heart flitter with excitement! Upon walking in, I stood and marveled at all the reclaimed, refinished and tweeked assortment of tables, artwork and lighting fixtures. It was an edgy-funky combination of industrial chic meets roadside antique.

I was pleased to meet owner and artist, Philip Sassano, who creates most of the items. He has an excellent eye for design and the repurposing of old into new. There were baseballs and buggy wheels turned into wall art; drawer faces that became card holders; a phonograph made into a pendant light; wine barrel lids that held wine bottles; old metal baskets turned lighting fixture, it just went on and on.

I love this type of art. I've dabbled in my own versions and can appreciate the cleverness that goes into all of his pieces. Be sure to stop in either location: downtown Chicago at 3924 N. Milwaukee Ave., or the new Lake Geneva Gallery at 231 Cook Street. Be sure to send me a picture to post of your purchases!


House of Willow said...

nothing better than stumbling upon a little quirky store...nice blog

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I saw your store on Etsy! I actually was looking at it last week. I love your jewelry!
Laura (BlueAntiquities)

Anonymous said...

I saw your store on etsy! Great pieces once again, and nice to read about the store in LG, I will have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Kat! I saw your store on Etsy! There are so many pieces I would like! Love hearing about where your art travels take you in your newsletter. Keep on bloggin' and creating that beautiful wearable art we can't find anywhere else! All the best to you! Julie

Anonymous said...

hi kat! love your jewelry, i saw your store on etsy and love it! Wishing you the best...Doreen

Lexa Levine said...

we have a store like that in miami.

Kelly said...

Hi! Kat, I saw your store on etsy and you are selling a unique earrings. I really like your old text book style. Keep up your good work.
My e-mail address is


NuminosityBeads said...

More of those intriguing groupings.
I like your blog and your aesthetic.

Anonymous said...

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